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Elizabeth Hazel is an astrologer, tarotist and author. Her published works include a diverse collection of articles and books. She lectures in the United States and has appeared in Great Britain. Check Events for her upcoming appearances.

Her first book, Tarot Decoded: Understanding and Using Dignities and Correspondences, was published by Weiser in 2004. It is considered the definitive text on the subject.

She published The Whispering Tarot book and deck in 2008. It is a signed, limited edition of 900 copies.

Her new output includes books on astrology, tarot and metaphysics published as print-on-demand books under her Kozmic Kitchen Press imprint. These books are illustrated with Elizabeth's pen-and-ink drawings.

Elizabeth is a long-time board member of the SMARRT/Southeast Michigan chapter of NCGR. She is a frequent contributor to NCGR publications. She is a regular speaker at the Great Lakes Astrology Conference and appeared at UAC/Chicago in 2018. Elizabeth also participates in the Toledo-area astrology group and local psychic events.

She is available for personal consultations. Elizabeth offers regular readings and forecasts using astrology and tarot via telephone or Zoom. You can also request specialty services that include a 10- or 20-year Time Lords analysis, a long-term progression study, Hellenic Lots, and Antiscia analysis.

Contact her here.

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