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At War with the World: Mars and Pegasus

During the second half of June, Mars travels through the final degrees of Pisces. These degrees contain the stars of Pegasus, the untamed winged horse.

The Winged Horse stirs the imagination with flights of fancy and inspiration. It lifts thoughts to the heavens, soaring past choirs of angels and celestial intelligences. Pegasus can visit places humans can only dream about, even to the peaks of Mount Olympus, the dwelling places of the gods.

People with natal planets in the late degrees of Pisces are connected to Pegasus. They may love to travel, take fearless risks, and strive toward stunning achievements. But sometimes this comes along with carelessness, foolish risks without thought of consequences, and headstrong recklessness. There can be the possibility of overestimating one's ability to get away with skating along the edge. This can lead to accidents and injuries, and even fatalities.

When Mars mingles with the stars of Pegasus, risk-taking and extreme recklessness are accented. Caution in travel is advisable!

Other planets supplement this transit. As Mars nears Markab (alpha Pegasus, 23° Pisces) on June 17 - 18, it exchanges helpful sextiles with Jupiter and Pallas Athena in Capricorn. Both the god and goddess play key roles in Pegasus myths. Pallas Athena provided the magical bridle capable of taming Pegasus so Bellerophon could ride the beast. This Lady Asteroid is the most helpful contact to mingle with Mars and Pegasus stars! She cools Mars's impulsiveness and injects much-needed tactical thinking for achieving strategic goals. Jupiter is the god who placed Pegasus in the sky. As the King of Olympus, he enforces the upward limits of human achievement. People aren't gods, and those who would try to be gods get flicked like bugs with one of Jupiter's lightning bolts. Mars is in Jupiter's sign Pisces, and Jupiter is in Mars's sign of exaltation, so the Mars-Jupiter sextile is super-charged by a high-value mutual reception. These planets are supporting one another, making it easier to triumph and achieve at the highest possible levels during the second half of June.

Mars transits Matar (eta Pegasus) on June 21, and reaches the final degree of Pisces on June 26. This mingles Mars with the energy of Scheat (beta Pegasus, 29° Pisces). This is the most risky and headstrong of the Winged Horse's stars! Mars also squares the North and South Nodes at 29° Gemini-Sagittarius. This is the “bending” of the nodes, the point where the past and future tug the hardest at whatever planet occupies the point between them. Mars is a knife between two magnets. Which way will the sharp edge slice?

Mars represents battles and struggles. Past conflicts that have left deep wounds and angry memories contribute toxic emotions and venomous intentions to the present. In order to win future battles, the tactics have to shift. The definition of insanity is doing things the same way again and again and expecting different results. The North Node is conjunct Polaris, the North Star. This star signifies navigating the way into the future. The Node signifies both a personal and collective future. It's not good enough just to think about one's self. What people choose to do now can affect everyone in the future. Innovative methods have to be endorsed and implemented to win struggles or conflicts. It's not good enough just to win the battle – it's time to win the war.

The Mars-Nodal T-square is in mutable signs. Mutable signs have the capacity to adjust to current conditions. The T-square is at the anaretic degree – the 29th degree of all three signs. This is a “last chance” spot. Mars is about to enter Aries, his sign of rulership, where he will gain immense strength and power. But while he's in Pisces, he's got Jupiter as his best pal and co-pilot. Jupiter teaches and expands concepts.

Mars is about to enter Aries, his sign of rulership, where he will gain immense strength and power. But while he's in Pisces, he's got Jupiter as his best pal and co-pilot. Jupiter teaches and expands concepts.

Items to ponder in late June:

· What can you learn from past successes and failures?

· What wisdom can be gleaned from the outcomes of past conflicts?

· How can you adjust your tactics and methods improve future outcomes?

· If you've got a goal you've been struggling to achieve for a long time, perhaps years, it's time to adjust the goal. Perhaps some of your desires are no longer relevant. Revise your goals and desires to match your present reality and steer toward a best-possible future.

Consider the feelings that motivate you to face challenges: are any toxic emotions mixed in with it, and if so, how is that affecting choices and plans? Carrying emotional baggage into a fresh, hopeful future is undesirable. Do a cleansing ritual on the June 21 solar eclipse to release those emotions!

Jupiter is the planet that helps people get that “big picture” view of things, but Mars and Pegasus stars elevate it even further. Allow your imagination to soar and get a view of the big picture! Consider elements of the past: the good, the bad and the ugly. Fly forward to your vision of the future and imagine how that might look. You may discover that a few things from the past no longer fit that vision. Make the effort to modify and release what doesn't work anymore.

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