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Mystery Marauders! The Mars-Moon-Neptune Conjunction on June 11-13, 2020

Robert Ludlum wrote an espionage-thriller novel called The Scorpio Illusion in 1993. Two of the main characters used the pseudonyms “Mr. Mars and Mr. Neptune.” Mr. Mars was the active saboteur. Mr. Neptune lurked in the shadows weaving conspiratorial plots. Ever since reading that book, I've watched closely for Mars-Neptune conjunctions and oppositions. Mars becomes invisible or disguises himself as he commits nefarious deeds. These aspects tend to coincide with hidden plumbing problems but it can be something nastier, too. Think about J.K. Rowling’s Obscurials (destructive clouds of billowing anger), and you’re in the zone.

Mars conjuncts Neptune at 20° Pisces from Wednesday, June 11(11:30 pm) until Saturday, June 13 (12:39 pm). The conjunction is partile for 37 hours! Neptune is in his happy place and fully capable of generating billowing fogs to obscure the hijinks or dissolve barriers. Mars becomes malleable in Pisces, a soggy, spongy Jupiter-ruled sign. Mars has unusual advantages, too! He's in his own face/decan and shares mutual reception and sextile with Jupiter. Mister Mars can play with all of the toys, gizmos, and resources of Pisces without much supervision because Jupiter is weak. There's no parental supervision!

While Mars and Neptune may be engaged in their obscurial lambada they're more visible than they think. Our Hero, the Sun, squares and illuminates them. The Pisces Moon shines her waning light on them, too. It's hard keeping things secret when both the Moon and Sun are shining on a conjunction. The Moon trines and receives Mercury in Cancer by sign. Whatever is happening will not only be seen but discussed. Mercury spreads facts, news reports, gossip or rumors. Events will trigger emotion-laden questions about security and safety, family and collective well-being.

The Sun is traveling near the three stars of Orion's Belt – Alnilam, Alnitak, and Mintaka. These are very fortunate stars! They relate to things or places that are famous or publicly visible. The Sun contacts the degree where Venus made her retrograde on May 13, reviving issues from the previous month. The Moon is besieged, or sandwiched between, Mars and Neptune from 10:13 pm EDT to 10:48 pm EDT. 10:13!? Shades of Chris Carter and The X-Files! Trust no one.

So where might something occur and what might be revealed? The Astro*carto*graphy maps for 10:13 pm on June 12 show Mars-Neptune on the MC and Sun/ASC in a line that runs from Russia straight down through Saudi Arabia. Petroleum war much? The Sun/MC and Mars-Neptune/ASC lines intersect in the South Pacific, near New Zealand and Australia. Mars and Neptune are on the IC square the Sun on the West Coast of the United States.

The US Sibley chart has a Mars-Neptune square (21°Gemini-20°Virgo) between the seventh and ninth houses. The Mars-Moon-Neptune conjunction turns it into a T-square. A little creepy, huh? Military activities spring to mind along with churches, entertainment venues, medical facilities, auto factories, oil refineries, fracking and drilling operations, potential toxic spills, and events that take place in third house-ninth house transportation hubs and highways.

The Mars-Moon-Neptune conjunction occurs on Donald Trump's solar return on June 13. It sets up a powerful T-square with his natal Sun-North Node in Gemini and Moon-South Node in Sagittarius. With Lynn Palmer's 9:11 am time of birth, Mars-Neptune in the eighth house square the Sun-Moon-Nodal opposition in the eleventh and fifth houses. These shift into the seventh, tenth and fourth houses using the 10:54 am birth time. Neptune-natal Sun aspects augur health problems, confusion, and dissolving identity props. Mars squares are attacks and battles. Disputes over his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic certainly fit the bill. Hidden agendas or activities could become visible; especially in the context of ninth house foreign matters (Mars rules his ninth house). The pressure is on as the Mars-Moon-Neptune conjunction occurs midway between the lunar and solar eclipses on June 5 and June 21 when the Moon enters her fourth quarter phase.

Where is the Mars-Moon-Neptune conjunction in your chart? Which houses contain 20-21° Gemini and Pisces? Gemini and Pisces are double-bodied, mutable signs. Double-bodied signs imply multiples and parallels. Explore multiple choices in situations that relate to those house topics. Perhaps there's a time conflict where you want to be two places at one time, or where you may have to choose between a preferred activity and an obligation. A friend or family member could be experiencing a similar situation parallel to yours. Sun-Moon squares heighten conscious awareness of conflicts and the impact of decisions. People become hyper-aware of dichotomies and paradoxes where assumptions don't match the facts or realities. Neptune dissolves structures and boundaries and Mars makes it aggressively evident.

If major personal choices or travels are at hand, wait until after June 13th. Situations transform and clarify after June 14th. Consider the aspects to natal or progressed planets. It’s time to untangle facts, realities, and needs from desires, assumptions and beliefs. Dissatisfied parties may cast blame or get drawn into unnecessary quarrels over uncontrollable situations. Mutable signs offer multiple options for adjustments. Be creative! The Nodes are at 29° Gemini-Sagittarius, a highly sensitive place where people and things can escape from unendurable conditions.

The Solar Eclipse on June 21st is at 0 Cancer, an Aries point. The Sun's at his peak in the northern hemisphere giving maximum hours of light. Structures are in sharp relief. Light is brighter, dark is darker. Good becomes best and bad becomes horrible. We see the best and worst in ourselves and others on personal and collective levels. The ten days between June 12 and 21 demand close observation, perspicacity, and brutal self-honesty. Uranus is on the Ascendant of the eclipse chart in the Eastern time zone. Our lives, our communities, our way of life and government are in a process of accelerated change. Uranus in Taurus shakes up long-term foundations. Mars and Neptune show where the stable, reliable things in the past now must be released, re-imagined, and rebuilt to enter into the next phase.

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