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The Antiscia of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Hidden Chart Connections

You’ve already seen their charts – they’re floating around the internet at high speed. What can antiscia tell us about the connections between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Antiscia show secret love, hate, affection, and conflict in charts and are quite useful in synastry charts. This is a political partnership so the desirable contacts in a love relationship synastry comparison aren’t what’s needed in a political business partnership.

The Sun and Moon’s antiscions are the first to look for. Biden’s Scorpio Sun, Venus and Mercury reflect antiscions into his Aquarian 2nd house. Mercury’s antiscion squares Mars and opposes Pluto, forming a T-square that confers enormous ambition and a tremendous drive to achieve success that isn’t blatantly obvious on the surface. Joe is a hard worker and is obsessive when

striving to achieve goals. The Sun and Venus’s antiscions at 2° – 3° Aquarius trine Neptune in the 10th house, increasing his public visibility. He follows the trends closely and tries to stay ahead of the hot-topic curve.

Another significant antiscion contact is Jupiter, the planet that rules Biden’s Ascendant. While his natal Jupiter is well-placed in Cancer, it’s hidden in the 8th house of death and legacies. Jupiter’s antiscion flips into Gemini between Uranus and Saturn and sits right on his DSC. That makes it angular: powerful and visible. The Sun-Venus-Jupiter trines lurking between the 8th-12th houses shift by antiscions to the 2nd-7th houses. Joe Biden is famous (Jupiter) for his partnerships! His partnerships reflect Jupiter’s antiscion sandwiched between Uranus and Saturn. His first marriage ended when his wife and son died in a car crash – an unusual and tragic ending with the sorrowful loss side of Saturn and the sudden upheavals typical of Uranus. He partnered with Barrack Obama and became Vice President from 2009-2016. This political partnership reflects the authoritative elder side of Saturn and the socially rebellious side of Uranus. Biden was the reliable older white guy co-piloting the sharp, young, invigorating man who was the first African American president.

Now Biden is becoming famous for a second political partnership – his VP choice of Kamala Harris. Harris is another unusual and quirky partner. She has a strong background in law and is a powerful speaker (Gemini). Her parents immigrated from India and Jamaica and met at the University of California. Both of her parents were extremely intelligent and so is Kamala. Immigrants are Saturn-ruled. The Uranian component comes from the genius-factor, since her parents were both exceptionally gifted in their fields.

Kamala was born under a Full Moon with the Sun at 27° Libra and Moon at 27° Aries. The Sun-Moon antiscions flip into the Pisces-Virgo axis and conjunct her MC-IC axis. This makes her incredibly powerful as an individual, as her Sun antiscion-Midheaven conjunction puts her in the public spotlight! The Moon antiscion-IC contact shows her intense connection to her parents and family origins. Her MC and Sun antiscion are conjunct Biden’s South Node in Pisces. This is a fateful connection that highlights Kamala’s past experience in law and government as well as her parental origins. Her Saturn is in close proximity at 28 Aquarius. Saturn in rulership confers a heritage of scholastic achievement and high professional expectations. Her

Moon antiscion/IC contacts his North Node in Virgo. This helps Biden connect with the public by focusing Kamala’s lunar light on social-justice issues that their platform targets for future improvements. Virgo cleans and fixes things that are broken, digs into the details to analyze the best potential solutions, and then coordinates with other experts to follow through on the mission to make improvements. Together, Biden and Harris have the juice it takes to get the job done. Virgo rules health and working people. If they get elected, Biden and Harris will have a huge task cleaning up the mess caused by the epidemic and the subsequent disruption to the work force.

Another critical antiscion connection is formed by Kamala’s Jupiter antiscion at 6° Leo conjunct Biden’s natal Pluto at 7° Leo. Jupiter and Pluto are a power-combo. Her Jupiter antiscion in Leo gives Biden a much-needed boost of Fire element. Her Jupiter antiscion is also in proximity to Biden’s Sun-Venus contra-antiscions at 2-3° Leo. Her Jupiter provides hope, an invigorating message, and enthusiasm. She’s an excellent speaker and performer. It’s likely that Biden sees Harris as a courageous person who can tackle the really dark and difficult Pluto-type issues that need to be addressed. She won’t be an empty place holder – he’ll delegate specific tasks and issues to her to handle.

Their mutual Moons present perhaps the most interesting feature of their shared charts. Her Moon at 27° Aries is in close proximity to his Moon at 0° Taurus. Biden’s Moon antiscion at 29° Leo trines Kamala’s Moon at 27° Aries. Kamala’s Moon antiscion at 3° Virgo trines his Taurus Moon. That crucial Moon-to-Moon contact is magnified as their lunar antiscions form double trines. Lunar connections are always desirable in synastry because they show a favorable exchange of feelings and EQ (emotional quotient). Her fiery Moon is driven to achieve the mission, while Biden’s Taurus Moon strives for stability and endurance. But their double lunar trines by antiscion put them on the same emotional trajectory twice over!

Biden is a 1942 Pluto in Leo baby, born slightly before the Baby Boomer doubled the American population. The Boomers are gradually waning in size and power. Kamala is part of Generation Jones, the demographic group between the Boomers and Gen X. She’s got the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo shared by all of the people born from 1964-65. Venus is just past these two planets and forms a strong sextile to Biden’s Mercury in Scorpio. Biden’s Moon antiscion sextiles Kamala’s Scorpio Mercury. This provides an excellent flow of communications and mutual understanding between the two candidates. Biden’s Moon antiscion at 29 Leo is in his 9th house and signifies his second marriage. The Biden Moon antiscion-Harris Mercury sextile suggests that Jill Biden also likes Kamala. She may have had a significant influence on who her husband chose as his running mate.


If you want to learn more about antiscia, check out Antiscia: Secrets in the Mirror by Elizabeth Hazel.

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